Key to productivity

Increasing productivity in the workplace is a common goal for many businesses. Nomique presents three concepts to help increase productivity among staff.

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It’s well known and proven that people generate better solutions and ideas when they work in a team than on their own. Collaboration stimulates innovation and inspirational thinking. People work more efficiently when they share ideas and workload with their network, people they know and trust. Collectively people get to a wider range of ideas with more creativity and often faster than the individual.

Especially with generation X and Y entering the workplace collaboration will be more common. These new generations of working individuals have learned that success comes from sharing knowledge and group work.

Workplace design should include a mixture of formal and informal seating areas where people can come together and that stimulate discussions and collaboration between colleagues.




Activity based planning

Work has more than only one mode. In offices today, people no longer do only one kind of repetitive, linear work. The emphasis lies on knowledge work which is based on alternating work like collaboration, initiative, learning and exploration.

To plan their workspace efficiently, businesses have to know their work modes and workers. Research distinguishes between process and knowledge worker. The process worker often follows a routine and his physical presence at work is required. For this type of employee bench desking with individual workstations work best.
Knowledge workers often do not follow one routine or process. Their work is based on solving problems, providing solutions and creative thinking. Knowledge workers don’t always need a fixed location, alternative spaces for different activities work best.

Activity Based Planning means creating different work settings or seating configurations that suit specific work modes or activities. This way the workforce can switch from settings during the workday to accommodate their needs.





Are you sitting comfortably? Comfort is important and adds to the quality of the workplace. Wellbeing starts with the body, only when we are comfortable and supported the brain is fully firing.

Task chairs have to be comfortable and easy to adjust to cater for the individual requirements of each user. A good office chair supports the lower back, pelvis, arms and neck, whilst allowing freedom of movement and muscle activation to avoid static muscle load. Combined with a well set up workstation, ergonomic task chairs help prevent back and neck pain as well as other ailments.

Nobody likes to sit in a meeting in an uncomfortable chair. Therefore it is important to supply the right solutions for meeting and conference rooms. Collaborative workspaces and break out areas should be treated in the same manner. Engaging and comfortable seating caters for groups to let their ideas flow.

It is also important to offer a counterpoint to the fast-paced workplace. Well designed, comfortable seating landscapes simply offer a space to relax and take time out.

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