Axia® Smart Cloud

Using the Smart Cloud system, all details about posture and occupancy levels of each Smart Chair are automatically sent to the online Cloud. Smart Hubs, which are installed throughout the office receive the recorded data of each stair and send it to a gateway. Through the gateway the collective data is send to the Cloud.

The Dashboard application (free software) allows access to all sitting data in the Cloud. The easy to use Dashboard makes it easy to access the recorded group and individual data online in real time.

This allows the user to combine and/or compare company wide, floor level or department details. The extensive reporting options of the Smart Cloud make it a useful tool for facility services, occupational health advisors and HR mangers to not only analyse the staff’s sitting habits but also occupancy levels. The Smart Cloud can be used for occupation and configuration plans to improve workstation management and usage.

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Features & Options

  • Smart cloud set consists out of Smart Hubs and one Gateway
  • The number of Smart Hubs needed in an office depends on the number of chairs and the office layout
  • All sitting data automatically sent and stored in Cloud
  • Dashboard gives online access to group data
  • Real time
  • Periodic reporting an advise
  • Information on: posture, seating score, workstation occupancy and chair status
  • Ideal tools for facility managers

Axia Smart Cloud Set Up (02)



Axia Smart Cloud SQUARE (04)



View an online live demonstration of the Axia Smart Cloud


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The Smart Chair offers a simplified version. This “activity sensor” simply monitors whether a chair is in use or not. The sensor can be attached to any chair even meeting room or soft seating. This makes it possible to monitor the occupancy levels in meeting rooms and break out areas.


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For further information or enquiries, please contact or call 01952 585828