Axia Smart Chair

We are not designed to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Even if you sit on a good ergonomic chair, it’s often not used or set up correctly. The Axia Smart Chair was designed with this in mind.

Independent research has shown that providing feedback on someone’s posture has a positive effect on their seating behaviour. That is exactly what the Smart Chair does.

Through a clever sensor system the Smart Chair, like a personal sitting coach, gives users feedback on their sitting behaviour and posture. This will raise the user’s awareness towards their seated posture. Ultimately this will lead to an improved over all posture and a healthier style of working.

A good posture and enough movement are crucial to avoid common workplace ailments e.g. back or neck pain, headaches and fatigues. The Axia Smart Chair helps the user to make the most of the ergonomic benefits of their Axia office chair.

The Axia Smart Chair technology is part of the comprehensive Axia 2.0 Smart Seating System.

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Features & Options

  • Four Sensors in seat and two sensors in back cushions to register posture
  • Label on the seat to indicate live posture and average seating score
  • Sensors distinguish between seven postures
  • Vibrating signal in seat to remind user to assume good posture
  • Modular system, smart chair cushions can be retro fitted on existing Axias: Axia 1.0 and Axia 2.0
  • Battery live seven years
  • Additional software Axia Smart Insight and Axia Smart Cloud helps to access and analyse the gathered seating data

The Axia Smart Chair monitors the user’s sitting behaviour and provides feedback where necessary. Four sensors in the seat and two sensors in the back register the user’s posture. The sensors register how often and how long the user makes contact with the backrest and whether he/she is moving enough or sitting in one posture for too long. Through a vibrating signal in the seat the chair indicates when a user is sitting in a physical aggravating position for too long. This tactile reminder will raise the users’ posture awareness.

A label that is fixed to the seat allows users to review their seated posture over the last hour. It also gives shows the live seating position and overall seating score. The Smart Chair registers seven different postures and uses the date to automatically calculate the seating score of 1 (= poor) to 5 (=good). A score of 3-5 is considered a good score which means the well supported posture was maintained the majority of time in combination with variation and movement.

Smart Chair label description






What to do when the chair is buzzing?

The Smart Chair vibrates to remind you to correct your posture. But why not use the Smart Chair as a trigger to move more.

Take the buzzing as a trigger to…

  • Get up, move and get a tea round for your colleagues.
  • Adjust your desk height and work standing up for the next half hour.
  • To tilt your head, circle your shoulders and shake your legs to stretch and relax your muscles.
  • Start an office competition of “who is the best sitter” judged on the overall sitting sore.


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For further information or enquiries, please contact or call 01952 585828