“We like to do our bit to make our planet a little bit happier and healthier.”

Ensuring that our production and business is conducted in a way that minimises our environmental impact is a primary focus of Nomique.

We have developed a comprehensive Environmental Management System which satisfies all elements of ISO 14001 accreditation compliance.

We hold a full membership with the Forest Stewardship Council. Using wood from environmentally appropriate, economically managed forest, we offer products with a FSC® chain of custody.

From responsibly sourcing materials and managing our supply chain, to designing products that can be easily, cost-effectively and rapidly dismantled at the end of their life to be reused, we are always considering our sustainability.

Products with fewer parts that utilise environmentally efficient materials have reduced our production costs and energy consumption across the business. We are currently working on our waste management and production process to ensure we are always looking for new solutions to protect the environment.

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Our most sustainable products

Ensemble and Axia 2.0 promote closed product cycles. Both products use high volumes of recycled material in production. In fact, the Axia is made up of at least 65% recycled or re-used material. Both chairs are designed for disassembly which means they can be easily taken apart into individual components. This makes it not only easy to maintain the chairs but also easy to recycle them at the end of their useful life. All chairs can be returned to the factory. In some cases we even offer a buy back scheme. Furthermore, the high quality of the chairs results in a long life span and warranty of 10 years.

Moka Felt is another sustainable product. Its self-supporting seat shell is made from felt that gives 60 recycled PET bottles a new lease of life. An innovative material that not only looks great but is also great for the environment.


Some of our sustainable solutions

Wherever possible we choose to work with local suppliers, to ensure the high quality of raw materials and short delivery ways.

We work with responsible fabric manufacturers who are developing materials with higher wool (or other natural fibres) content as opposed to man-made fabrics.

The foam in our soft seating is 100% recyclable and we also use a high percentage of recycled foam.

Our effective delivery cycle is designed to be economically as well as environmentally responsible to keep emissions as low as possible.

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For further information or enquiries, please contact or call 01952 585828