Acoustics in the workplace

When setting up a workplace, the acoustics of the room are not the first thing to think about. However, this should be higher on the priority list, as it influences both people’s physical and mental state. This part should certainly not be neglected.

What is acoustics?

By reflecting sound in a room, a reverberation is created, which we humans are usually barely aware of. In every room the acoustics are different and it is important that the properties of a room correspond to its use. The ultimate goal of good acoustics is that communication and knowledge transfer take place more easily. As soon as the sound in a room gets in the way of its function, the acoustics are not optimal.

The importance of an acoustic workplace

In rooms with the wrong acoustics, irritations, stress and making unnecessary mistakes lurk. Due to the excessive noise level of colleagues, extra effort must be made, so unnecessary fatigue is quickly lurking. In an environment with a good acoustic design, employees are less likely to be distracted by ambient noise. Concentration capacity and ultimately labour productivity will increase. In addition, good acoustics also bring health benefits, which reduce absenteeism.

Creating an acoustic workplace

In workplaces, individual workspaces can be created in an instant by placing partition walls. The noise level is lowered and speech privacy increases. Acoustic fillings absorb background noise from the entire room. Both acoustically and visually, more privacy is created in this way.

The New Way of Working

In modern offices, the reverberation time must be taken into account. Working in office gardens, according to the principles of The New Way of Working, has, despite many advantages, a disadvantage in the form of noise pollution. In office gardens you are often closer together, so (phone) calls from colleagues are quickly perceived as disturbing. Acoustic separation and partitions can help create flexible, shielded workspaces. Also in large rooms and waiting areas, the acoustics can improve by working with partition walls.

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