The benefits of sit-stand desks and sit-stand working

More and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Sitting too long doesn’t fit in here, but there’s virtually no getting away from it. On an average school or working day, 7.5 hours are quickly served. A feeling of unrest and less concentration are the result. Recognizable? Within the world of office furniture, this is conveniently responded to by offering sit-stand desks, creating the possibility to sit, stand and move alternately. These ergonomic, height-adjustable workstations offer many advantages.

Fewer health problems

The human body is not made to sit for a long time in succession. It is not without reason that sitting is referred to as the new smoking. You become restless and your body needs movement. By alternating sedentary and standing, the pressure on the back and neck is reduced, reducing or even preventing physical complaints. You keep your muscles strong with this. In offices that use sit-stand workplaces, absenteeism is generally less common and the percentage of employees with physical complaints is lower. In the long term, sitting too much increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and increases the risk of premature death.

Sea energy

Regular alternating between sitting and standing ensures better blood circulation, making you feel more cheerful and fitter at the end of the day than if you are sitting all day. The increased blood circulation ensures a higher level of productivity until the last hours of the working day. In this way, you get the most out of every working day, which benefits both employee and employer. More exercise is therefore essential for a productive working day and it also ensures that the optimal out of the free hours after work are taken.

Work more productively and efficiently

By working or meeting standing up, you move more and increase your brain activity. Creative solutions are therefore at your fingertips. Other angles are offered and moving in between, increases the ability to concentrate by inactivated other muscles. Until the end of the day, we work more productively and efficiently. In addition, a comfortable working attitude results in more job satisfaction and well-being in business environments. Taking care of your body also happens at work.

By investing in an ergonomic workplace, you invest in a healthy and happy life. Nomique is happy to contribute to the creation of your ideal workplace and offers a wide range of sit-stand desks. Check online which version and colour best suits your preference and contact us for more information or any questions.

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