Different storage systems for the office

In many cases, a paperless office is not yet on the agenda, so storage systems for documents must be available. A tidy working environment contributes to employee satisfaction and effectiveness. However, only the function of storage or archive has long since been removed from the office cabinet. This multifunctional office element can also serve as a partition wall or acoustic element. If there is less space, drawer blocks offer a solution.

Office Cabinets

Nomique has several cabinet programs. The Q-store wooden cabinet program is versatile due to the use of modular elements. The wall cabinets can be linked and placed on a frame or pedestal. Create the look and layout you want with colour and different accessories.

Sliding door cabinets and roller door cabinets are good alternatives for dividing smaller spaces. Doors do not open, making the most optimal use of the available space. The sliding and roller door cabinets from the KS store and R-store collection are available in various sizes.

Drawer units

Unused workspaces under desks and tables are used by the placement of drawer blocks. Our wheeled storage units and drawer containers are of compact size. The design and colour can be fully adapted to our tables, desks and other furniture lines. Different setups and layouts are possible, depending on desire and need. Organize your documents with pen drawers, pen folder drawers and inserts.


For the lockers by Nomique, steel gives way to high-quality wood. The edges are fused to the panel with a laser beam (LaserTec). Firmness and safety guaranteed. The durable PEFC and FSC certified wood give the lockers a homely character. Create a playful look by varying in size with the locker compartments. Due to the modular construction, many combinations and setups are possible. For extra security, number locks or a digital lock system can be installed.


In office spaces, wardrobes can also be very functional. Nomique’s robust wooden wardrobes ensure a tidy set of your workplace. On request, many formats are possible. A mirror and cylinder lock are among the options. Wardrobes also provide efficient but beautiful storage space in waiting rooms and hospitals.

Sustainable materials

Nomique makes cabinets from PEFC – or FSC- certified wood. We make sure that the wood comes from a well-managed forest. In this way, we contribute together with you to reduce CO2 emissions. All Nomique cabinets can be placed in the office as a space distributor. Back walls can be finished with different materials and acoustic solutions. Optionally, all cabinets with locks are lockable.

Office cabinets are available in a wide range at Nomique. The different cabinets are designed to your liking.

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