Innovate with New Working

The New Way of Working is developing permanently. A logical follow-up to the changing world in which employees have more control over where and when they work. There is more need for creativity and motivation, more efficient and flexible working and satisfying the employees. A good starting point is the layout of an innovative office environment according to the principles of The New Way of Working. Health, sustainability and productivity are key.

What is The New Way of Working?

The New Way of Working started as an office innovation. Today, it’s about changing in three areas: people, location and technology. The New Way of Working is all about finding solutions that help you work smarter and more efficiently. Employees are given more responsibility over where, when and with which colleagues they carry out their work. This is important for job satisfaction and productivity.

Work is no longer linked solely to a fixed office space. More attention is given to making the most of office locations. The focus is on achieving maximum effectiveness.

How does it work in practice?

Applying the New Way of Working is a process. Within this process, Nomique offers its expertise in the design and layout of office spaces. Every company is different. This requires unique solutions for each situation. Think of meeting the need for flex spaces, creating special meeting and calling areas in open workspaces or relaxing areas with lounge benches. Ergonomic furniture contributes to The New Way of Working.

The benefits

More concentration, higher labour productivity, less absenteeism, more satisfaction; just a few advantages of The New Way of Working. Employees are no longer bound by place and time. Going to the office every day is no longer necessary. Employees are more motivated and can be used more efficiently and effectively.

Is the New Way of Working sustainable?

From a broader perspective, The New Way of Working in common offices and using less office space. This contributes to sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions and lower energy costs. Office spaces are inspiring and sustainably furnished. At Nomique, sustainability is paramount. Nomique’s furniture is produced from recycled and recyclable material. The furniture is of high quality and has a timeless design. They can easily be used to make new setups and therefore last longer.

Nomique can help to set up or refurbish office spaces according to the principles of The New Way of Working.

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