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Nomique announces the launch of a new seating collection made from the recycled plastics found in the wraps used by hospitals to keep their surgical instruments sterile.

Nomique, a Fair Furniture Company is proud to announce, sister manufacturer Vepa, also a Fair Furniture Company has recently collaborated with climate neutral material technology provider Bywyd to launch a unique sustainable chair, Blue Finn, made from 85% of single use plastic found in surgical instrument wraps.

The Blue Finn seat and back shells are made from Bluewrap, a material that hospitals and other medical facilities commonly use to keep surgical instruments sterile. Thousands of Kilograms of Bluewrap ends up in landfill every year.  Hospitals are eager to reduce waste and are now working with waste collection services in favour of recycling. This is the start of the process to give this plastic a second and useful life as a chair.

Not as simple as recycling PET plastic bottles, Bluewrap requires the plastic element to be separated from the wraps. Once cleaned the plastic is agglomerated, then re-granulated into plastic pellets before injection moulded into the seat and back.  The entire chair is made in Europe and offers a carbon reduction of approximately 35% compared to virgin plastic.

Blue Finn can be ordered now from Nomique, with first deliveries scheduled from Q4 onwards.

Blue Finn seating range

From waste to new chair
Precision, reliability and maximum hygiene is literally a matter of life and death for hospitals. That is why the supply of sterile instruments for operating theatres is a top priority. To keep these instruments sterile, they are covered with a wrapping material, in many cases: Bluewrap. This material is used only once and then thrown away, while hospitals are in fact committed to reducing their waste.

Janwillem de Kam, director of Vepa: “Each year, thousands of kilos of Bluewrap are used and thrown away in Dutch hospitals. What a waste! That is what we think. That is what the hospitals think. That is what our chain partners think. So it is really amazing to now be able to upcycle this waste stream with six chain partners into a chair that can be used again in the hospital – or anywhere else for that matter. This is how we complete yet another circle!”

Bluewrap is very suitable for reuse, but its qualities would usually be too low-grade for furniture. However, Jan Willem Slijkoord, director of Bywyd states:“Based on Bywyd’s material technology, we were able to upcycle Bluewrap into a suitable and high-quality material that is the perfect raw material for chairs, for example.”


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