Wooden locker cabinets made of sustainable wood

Plastic and steel are the most commonly used materials within an office design. But what if steel is not the right choice for your business? Nowadays, the office is much more of a place where employees should feel at home. How do you do this? Then you can use wooden office furniture, such as wooden locker cabinets.

Why a wooden locker?

The use of wood in an interior looks natural and creates a homely feeling. Wood provides refinement within a business environment. It is as sturdy as steel lockers. Personal documents and valuables are kept safe. Wooden doors make less noise than steel. In short, wooden lockers take the layout of the entire room to the next level.

Wooden melamine locker cabinets

Our locker cabinets are made of solid melamine and offer the look of wood. There is always a wood design that fits the style of your business. Or do you prefer a nice tan? There are plenty of options to choose from. With lower maintenance costs, Nomique’s wooden melamine locker cabinets are a good alternative to fully wooden locker cabinets. They are resistant to scratches and they are easy to keep clean. Melamine wooden locker cabinets are the perfect compromise between steel and wooden lockers.

Sustainable materials

Wood exudes durability. The use of wood reduces CO2 emissions, makes it easier to recycle and is produced with little energy. By carefully cutting down, we are combating climate change. In addition, the production of wooden furniture reduces the environmental impact of less polluting residues. Choosing wood is choosing sustainability. Our wood carries the certificates FSC and PEFC.

How do I choose wooden locker cabinet?

With the different options in size, design, colours and the number of lockers in a frame, it can be a challenge to find the right locker cabinet. So, take the time to figure things out. What is the style of your business? For what purpose and by whom are the lockers used? If you are not sure what the suitable wooden locker should look like or if you have any questions please contact one of our staff.

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