Meeting tables for effective consultation

Do you have meetings or brainstorming sessions on a regular basis? For a successful consultation, comfort is one of the requirements. The combination of comfortable furniture and the right space layout is the key to effective meetings. Optimize meeting conditions not only with well-seated chairs and with the right tables. The entire layout of a meeting room contributes to the smooth running of the meeting. Follow energetic meetings.

Different meeting places

Employees become more productive through an inspiring working environment. This also applies to meeting places. By variation in colour and material use, you determine the appearance of an optimal meeting room. The layout also depends on the nature of the meeting session. The classic U-shape and O-shape setups of tables are a common setup. A single robust conference table creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Do you prefer a more creative look? Then a standing table is a good choice.

Standing up to you?

The disadvantages of sitting too long are well known. Sitting is not without reason referred to as ‘the new smoking’. Standing meetings will have positive effects on both health and productivity. Increased brain activity has proven to be more creative. Targeted and effective meetings full of alert participants are the result. In order to design your meeting room, think of standing tables or height-adjustable tables. Alternating sedentary and standing work offers many advantages.

Suitable collection of meeting tables

We realize the desired arrangement in your meeting room together with you. Nomique has several table lines suitable for meeting places. The setup depends on the available space and the number of participants in the meeting session. Do you want to be able to change the setup yourself? Opt for connectable or collapsible conference tables, such as our Compaqt range. In this way, you can always create the desired setup. They are easy to move and space-saving.

For a solitary stable table, round, square or rectangular, VPAX is an appropriate choice. Ranging from four to sixteen people, this table is multifunctional and suitable for fixed meeting places. Many sizes and tabletops are possible in consultation. A VPAX standing table is also possible.

Onix stands for elegance. The installation of sockets for electrical facilities makes this table line very suitable for meetings and presentations.

Height adjustable conference tables are also part of our range. At the robust Lift tables, the engines are fully integrated into the design. The electrics are not visible, so it does not detract from the appearance of the design.

The right meeting table for the office?

Nomique will help you with customized meeting tables. Be advised by one of our employees on the possibilities of the right meeting table for your office. After all, inspiring meeting rooms contribute to effective work consultations.

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