Office furnishings: furniture, layout and design

From the reception room to the boardroom. The interior reflects the identity of your company. Layout, office furniture and design come together in the office décor. It should inspire, be functional and ensure the right working conditions. By varying with office furniture in different colours and materials, there is always a suitable look and pleasant working environment to create.

What is the starting point?

The starting point of office design is always the work concept within your organization. What spaces are necessary within your concept? Is it about redesigning an existing space or designing a new space? Is there a disproportionate need for flexible workplaces or fixed office cells? How many seats should there be in the meeting room? This allows an optimal layout of the rooms to be made. Whether it’s meeting and presentation rooms, reception rooms or lounge areas. Nomique offers the solution.


The next step is an attractive office design. The use of furniture and colour determine the atmosphere in the room. Different spaces each get a look that fits the function of the space in question. Create quiet spaces or take care of places where you can consult. Nomique sets up spaces where your employees feel at home.

Responding to demand

There is an increasing demand for flexible and dynamic office furnishings. Nomique offers office furniture that is suitable for this. With a large collection of chairs, sit-stand desks and partitions, any desired arrangement is possible. To facilitate The New Way of Working, open workspaces are created and furnished with a focus on concentration, consultation or relaxation.


Does your company stand for sustainability? Emphasize the identity of your company by making environmentally conscious choices about the layout of your organization. Choose office furniture made from sustainable or recycled materials. We have implemented sustainability and circularity throughout our collection and are happy to realize your future-proof office design.

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