Perform optimally in an ergonomic workplace

The layout of a workplace and the concept of ergonomics are inextricably linked. A good sitting position is the basis of ergonomic work. This can only be done with dynamic furniture. Ergonomics is an important focus when purchasing office furniture. But what does ergonomics actually mean?

What is ergonomically responsible working?

In short, ergonomics is concerned with optimally tuning people, interiors, resources and space. This science aims to improve health and productivity. The following three things apply to an ergonomically responsible workplace:

1. Health

A good sitting position plays a role in ensuring the physical health of office workers. A good sitting position is possible by an adjustable chair behind a desk with the right dimensions and enough work and legroom.

2. Dynamics

A good sitting position is a nice start, but in the field of ergonomics more is possible. Think of more dynamic furniture, such as a sit-stand desk. By alternating sedentary work with standing work, the number of sitting hours decreases.

3. Comfort

Comfort comes in all shapes and sizes. The acoustics, the furniture, the whole décor and the overall atmosphere of the workplace contribute to the comfort level. Office furniture with a beautiful design, walling and the right use of colour can make the difference for the overall working atmosphere.

The importance of working ergonomically

By respecting safety, health and comfort, employers strive for an optimal relationship between people and (work) environment. The overall well-being and sense of satisfaction among employees is promoted. Setting up a workplace ergonomically is important to make the work less tiring, which reduces physical complaints. Ensuring an ergonomic workplace will ultimately pay off in higher labour productivity.

Nomique is happy to help you set up your workplace in the most ergonomic way possible.

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