Plastic Whale by Vepa

Stop talking, start doing!

We’re sure that you’ve all heard of the growing global problem of ‘Plastic Soup’: the flood of single-use plastics, taking over our waters.

More than 80% of all the waste in the ocean is plastic.

More than 8 billion kilos is dumped into our oceans annually.

We’ve all seen the images of animals living in and around water becoming trapped in plastic waste. The plastic also breaks down into tiny particles that are ingested by fish and other organisms such as mussels and oysters. All these living creatures are inhaling the particles and suffocating and the plastic particles become part of the food chain and end up on our plate.

What can we do?

In the spirit of ‘stop talking, start doing’, our sister company, Vepa: the furniture factory and Plastic Whale are taking action to offer a sustainable solution. We are honoured to be part of this campaign as the exclusive distributer of Plastic Whale by Vepa in the UK.

Vepa turn PET bottles fished from the Amsterdam canals into beautiful furniture.

Plastic Whale by Vepa is a collection of exclusive furniture, designed around a specific type of felt made from Amsterdam Canal plastic, fished from the canals by Plastic Whale. More than 150.000 PET bottles to date have been collected which have been recycled and turned into quality products such as exclusive designer boats and now, commercial furniture.

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Turning waste into sustainable products

The process of turning the PET bottles into felt is completely sustainable. The PET bottles that are fished from the canals are washed, shredded and pressed into granules and strung into fibres. The granules are used to create PET foam and the fibres are turned into PET felt. Vepa incorporate, not just the waste from Plastic Whale, but their own waste, to form the remainder of the materials within the collection. For example, the base of the chair is a product of their own steel waste.

Plastic Whale by Vepa: the collection

We are forever seeing the devastating effects that plastic soup is having on the now endangered whales. These magnificent mammals boast a distinguished shape, from the impressive skeleton to the contours of its skin. Inspired by the majestic lines, LAMA concept designed the collection with sustainability at its core, incorporating many of these elements into the furniture collection.

Join the Mission

Plastic Whale by Vepa is for every company that wants to give substance to its sustainability targets. Together, we want and can make a global impact. Part of the profit of our collection is donated to the Plastic Whale Foundation. Building on our success in the Netherlands and the UK, the Plastic Whale Foundation aims to have a wider positive impact through partnerships further afield to reduce plastic. Our ambition is to expand worldwide!

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