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“Stop talking. Let’s start doing!”

Nomique and Plastic Whale are joining forces for a bold initiative: the fight against our world’s plastic problem. Plastic Whale by Nomique is an ambitious project that aims to reinvent the way we see canal plastic and transform it into something that finds its way to every office or home: circular office furniture.

An ocean of plastic

Marine plastic pollution is an alarming and increasing problem of the world’s waters. Over 80% of all the waste found in our world’s oceans is represented by plastic, with more than 8 billion kilos ending up suffocating our marine species.

Plastic waste has disastrous consequences for marine life and animal species living near water. Annually, thousands of seabirds, sea turtles, seals, and many other marine mammals suffer the deadly effects of pollution. Marine wildlife is in real danger of ingesting and getting entangled in plastic.

The problem of marine plastic pollution travels far enough to end up on our plate as well. Plastic breaks into tiny particles, which are then ingested by fish and other organisms like mussels and oysters, finding their way into the food chain humans rely on.

It’s time for change! Plastic Whale by Nomique is our way of taking responsibility and doing something about it. Together with our friends from Plastic Whale, we’re committed to fighting the world’s plastic pollution problem.

Transforming waste into valuable products

Who would have thought that plastic fishing can actually be valuable? We sure did!

Our Plastic Whale by Vepa circular furniture collection is proof of our commitment to helping our planet. The most important resource for our furniture products is fished up from the canals by Plastic Whale. So far, our sister company Vepa has successfully fished up and recycled over 150.000 PET bottles into new products that have value.

Our way to fight the plastic problem is to create economic value from it. And over 20.000 people from around the world have joined our mission, helping us free up the world’s waters from PET bottles.

From PET bottle to furniture

We have a very clear and transparent way of turning waste into value. The PET bottles collected from the canals are carefully washed and shredded, creating PET foam and PET felt. We use this PET foam to make all sorts of products that have a real value, including the Plastic Whale sloops used for fishing PET bottles, as well as our joint furniture collection.

Besides PET bottles collected from canals, we also incorporate a number of residual materials from our own factory. One of our most exciting products, Whale Tail Chair, has a base made from steel waste of the Fair Furniture Group.

Inspired by the whales in the ocean

Our ambitious furniture collection is inspired by the most spectacular maritime wildlife: whales. LAMA conceptually designed this collection with the life of whales in mind.

“Plastic soup is one of the biggest threats facing this fascinating animal. Distinguishing elements of the whale have been incorporated into the designs, such as the look and feel of the characteristic skin, the fat tissue, and the impressive skeleton.” Yvonne Laurijsen, co-owner of LAMA concept

Our Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection is vast and worth exploring. Take a swim in our “ocean” of products and discover the products we’re so proud of, including the Whale Boardroom Table, Whale Tail Chair, Barnacle Lamp, Whale Panel, and the Barnacle Side Table. The Plastic Whale by Nomique collection is the signature of our collaboration with our friends from Plastic Whale. That’s why we simply call it “Signature Collection.”

Our Regular Collection

Our sustainable and circular furniture products were met with enthusiasm and growing demand by customers, which is why we expanded our Signature Collection with a Regular Collection from the beginning of 2020.

Our Regular Collection includes durable, circular, and unique furniture pieces with more accessible prices. This collection follows the same principle as the Signature Collection: transforming recycled PET bottles into valuable products.

Join our mission

Plastic Whale by Nomique is an ambitious mission designed for every company that wants to give substance to its sustainability targets. We invite you to join forces and make a global impact that matters for everybody.

We take waste, transform it into valuable products, and share it with others too. Part of the profit of our collection is donated to the Plastic Whale Foundation to have a wider positive impact. We’ve seen success with our collaboration with the Plastic Whale Foundation, but we don’t want to stop here. Our ambition is to expand worldwide and reduce plastic pollution!

Want to hear more about our efforts against plastic waste? Give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to hear from you!

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