How do I create privacy and tranquillity in the office with partition walls?

Our physical privacy is often tested in addition to our digital privacy. Flexible working, ‘The New Way of Working’, office gardens: not having your own workplace can cause unrest and a feeling of lack of privacy. Being able to work undisturbed is an important aspect of ensuring business privacy. Partition walls can be a solution here. These versatile office elements can be used on several fronts.

Maximize office space

In larger open office spaces, privacy can be offered to some extent by dividing it into several small compartments. Create multiple workplaces, creating the feel of separate offices. Set-up walls, partitions and front walls can easily be attached to desks with a leaf clamp or blind finish. It is easier to reduce noise, more peace and privacy for employees and to keep your attention at your own work. So, partitions are not a superfluous luxury for open-plan offices.

How do I improve the acoustics?

Phone calls and computer noises from neighbouring workplaces can distract and affect employee productivity. Sound will reverberate less by reflecting against upholstered partitions. In addition, they also provide a visual barrier. The walls can be provided with acoustic filling for extra soundproofing. Employees can easily focus their attention on their own tasks in this way. Also reduce the noise of printers and copiers by shielding them with partitions.

What are flexible options?

Wall frames are available in multiple sizes, materials and colours. A great way to create privacy and tranquillity in any modern office. Open office spaces are made more organized by freestanding partitions. Mobile, fixed or levelling foot: they are all stable. Is a larger room divider required? The free-standing walls are easy to connect to each other. Even if you hadn’t thought of this in advance. Coupling afterward is possible because of the handy coupling post.


The freestanding walls can be easily moved when there is a need or need for change within your office. Use the walls to create a large workstation for employees who work together on a project or create individual workplaces. Are you hiring extra employees? Create a whole new setup with the walls. Nomique’s partitions are versatile and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Do you also need more privacy and less noise in the office? Where necessary, we advise on sound-damping options and partitions. Our specialists are available to map your needs in terms of efficient room layout and acoustics.

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