Hemp High

A unique ‘never end­ing chair’

A unique ‘never ending chair’

Our Hemp High chair is part of the worlds’ first collection of chairs created with a uniquely produced shell from biomaterial. Using materials of hemp and resin, this range is biological and recyclable, some­thing which has never been pos­si­ble be­fore.

Our desire to produce only sustainable furniture is still ongoing, and this new range made from 100% biological material is a welcome addition. Using a locally-sourced hemp and Plantics bio-resin, we were able to produce Hemp High and Hemp Fine.

Regional hemp

The waste fibres from hemp processing are used as the main raw material to produce the shell of HEMP. As a cover crop, Hemp has no requirement for artificial fertilizers or pesticides, reducing the addition of foreign bodies in the raw material. With only a small requirement for water and more durable than cotton, Hemp is incredibly strong and CO2 absorbent. This means that the chair takes in more CO2 than it emits, resulting in a negative CO2 footprint.

Once harvested, the fibres are removed and combed to create the raw material. Then, as a thick brown mat, it is combined with the bio-resin before being pressed into shape.

Never ending chair

What we consider to be unique about this range is how it can be recycled. The components in the chair can be easily separated, without using additional substances, and the shell shredded back into its original state before being reused. Although the elements of the chair can break down and decompose naturally, we would prefer to give them another life. The shell can be shredded and re-pressed, creating the same quality product repeatedly. Ours is the only known company where this is possible, without having to add new materials to assist deconstruction.

For the office or at home

Versatility of this new range means that it can be suitable for at home or at work. With increasingly domestic decoration in offices, this results in products being suited for multiple environments. This new range exhibits many factors which we consider vital when producing a new product; sustainable, comfortable and affordable.

Product information

  • seat made of 100% plant-based materials: hemp and plant-based resin
  • shell finished with linseed oil
  • four-legged wooden frame with metal footrest
  • four-legged metal frame round tube 16 mm
  • seat cushion fabric group (available for all models / Hemp High- xxx-20)
  • chromed frame (not with HF)


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