KS and KSL store sliding door cabinets

Wooden sliding door cabinets offer space for archiving, storage and arranging spaces. The flexible layout options and the high-quality acoustic properties contribute to an optimal working environment.

The sliding door cabinet has a 2-part hull, has been finished all around and can be used as a room divider. The cabinet has been fitted with a cilinder lock with master key system and is adjustable from the inside, ensuring easy levelling.

Our wooden sliding door cabinets are equipped with smooth doors but can also be supplied with acoustic doors. The acoustic properties of the cabinet are achieved by perforating 7×7 mm square holes in the hpl and placing acoustic material (fabric) behind these holes.

Product information

Cabinet range with 2-part hull made from 18 mm thick melamine.

  • Application: cabinet range for storage and archiving. Perfect for offices, team workspaces and so forth.


  • Height: 2 BH, 3 BH, 4 BH, 5 BH.
  • Width: 160 cm, 230 cm.
  • Smooth doors: 18 mm melamine.
  • Acoustic doors with 7×7 mm perforations: 20 mm hpl, with Lucia fabric.


  • Shelf (with 115 cm wide metal).
  • Pull-out frame, metal, black epoxy.
  • Pull-out locking system.
  • Depth runner, metal, black epoxy.


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