Moka Bar Stool

The Pit bar stool is a striking bar stool which provides excellent seating comfort. The recycled steel frame is epoxied, but can be chromed. The seat of sustainable wood can be colour stained, varnished or upholstered.

Pit upholstered bar stool provides excellent seating comfort. Choose leather, stamskin or one of our environmently friendly fabrics.

Uni and colour? Pit makes it possible by giving both the wooden legs and the seat the same colour. Striking lacquer colours ensure unity.

Too bold? Choose soft pastels or natural stain colours.

Product information

Bar Stool series with a compact, modern, homely design.

  • Application: chairs for visitors, meetings and conferences for all kinds of environments such as classrooms, offices, team workplaces, waiting rooms and so forth.
  • Ergonomics and comfort: the seat is made from nine layers of beech veneer pressed into shape. The concave shape of the seat and the resilient backrest feel comfortable. The position of the seat on the base makes this a very comfortable chair, even without a table. There are no visible attachments to the top of the seat.
  • Gliders/caps: metal four leg chair has self-aligning leg caps, the wooden legs are equipped with plastic gliders. Rod frame can be fitted with gliders.
  • Stackable: metal four leg chair and rod frame chair are stackable, with and without armrests (max 7 pieces).


  • Base: Wood Four Leg, Metal Four Leg, Rod Frame, Swivel Base, Bar Stool
  • Metal frame made from Chrome
  • Seat: varnish, color stain, color lacquer, seat upholstery, fully upholstered
  • Connectable: Rod frame, Metal Four Leg
  • Armrests: with or without armrests (Wood Four Leg not available with armrests)
  • Floor: gliders and wheels for various floor surfaces


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