A visually inspiring ergonomic sit/stand workstation: the desk of choice for our design team

ParQ’s clever design makes this sit/stand desk completely unique. A clever mechanism fully compensates the tilt adjustment, facilitating the dynamic design without compromising on stability. The table top moves completely parallel to the optional partition wall.

The integration of this design allows for optimal leg room, with the tapered frame positioned really far to the back. The proportional base plate provides stability, links duo workstations to benches and ensures a safe distance to other desks, cabinets or other fixed objects.

The individual design of the ParQ single workstation makes it a sophisticated statement.

Product information

  • The table top adjusts vertically, in a straight line, to the frame
  • Fast tool-less assembly and disassembly of the table top
  • Easy assembly of the leg frame
  • Tapered frame ensures maximum leg room
  • Duo workstations on a stable base plate (945 x 250mm)

The ParQ workplaces are available in single, duo and 4-person variants with a number of desk top sizes

Desktop sizes:

  • ParQ single workplace: 1400 × 800/1600 × 800/1800 × 800/2000 × 800
  • ParQ-duo: 140 × 800/1600 × 800/1800 × 800/2000 × 800
  • ParQ 4 person: 1400 × 800/1600 × 800/1800 × 800/2000 × 800
  • ParQ is available with a height adjustment for sitting (650-890 mm) or standing (650-1300 mm)


  • Base plate a cross beam in an accent colour
  • Extensive power and cable management options – contact your sales representative for more information
  • Front panel
  • InBetween desk mounted partition walls


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