R-store is accessible for all, with plenty of colours and dimensions to choose from.

The tambour cabinet doors are fitted with a magnetic strip to ensure smooth closing. The interchangeable core locking system is compatible with our other cabinets and wheeled drawer units. Equipped with multi-point locking system.

Available in three heights: 2, 3 and 5 binder height and three widths: 850, 1050 and 1250 mm (850 mm only in 2 binder height). Slat colours: black, white and aluminium.

Product information

Cabinet range in various sizes, ideal for storage and archiving in the office or workplace.

  • The hull is made of 18 mm MPC, for colours see colour chart. Slats are made of plastic and are available in black, white or aluminium. The inside of the cabinet is black metal and is supplied with a base plate
  • Doors are equipped with black recessed handles, a multi-point locking system, cylinder lock and magnetic closure


  • Height (in binder height): 2, 3 or 5
  • Width: 850 mm (only with a height of 2 binders), 1050 mm, 1250 mm
  • Roller door plastic slats, colours: aluminium, white or black
  • Equipped with black recessed handles, multi-point locking system, cylinder lock and magnetic closure


  • Lateral shelf
  • Pull-out frame
  • Pull-out protection
  • Depth runner
  • Top shelf


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