Whale Boardroom Table

Design Inspiration

Observing a surfacing whale in the wild is one of the most magical experiences. The elegant, streamline patterns created as the whale breaks through the water is the inspiration behind the detailing in the centre of the Whale Boardroom Table.

The table top is crafted from layers of recycled PET felt, recycled PET foam and FSC® birch wood.


Robust legs

Everything about the whale is majestic, even down to the arched, bow-line skeletal structure; it’s only fitting that this become the inspiration for the structure and supporting frame of the Whale Boardroom Table. The table’s legs are carved from robust, sustainably sourced oak. The surface is beautifully finished using PET felt that has been heated and pressed to give it a smooth, luxurious finish.


Product specifications

The table top is divided into four modular segments:

The table legs are made of robust, sustainably sourced European oak. The metal spreader bars that represent the whale’s bone structure are 8 mm thick and chrome-plated.


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Plastic Whale by Vepa is for every company that wants to give substance to its sustainability targets. Together, we want and can make a global impact. Part of the profit of our collection is donated to the Plastic Whale Foundation. Building on our success in the Netherlands and the UK, the Plastic Whale Foundation aims to have a wider positive impact through partnerships further afield to reduce plastic. Our ambition is to expand worldwide!

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