Wheeled storage units

Mobile under desk storage units are ideal when it comes to storing personal documents and office supplies in a small space. Nomique mobile storage units are available in various shapes and sizes. The various mobile storage units are completely adjustable to align with our other desk and table ranges, as well as each other.

Product information

Storage units with a robust design.

  • Application: storage units for areas such as offices, team workspaces and more


  • Hull: 420 mm wide (750 x 420 x 800 mm (HxWxD).
  • LF-55: one pen drawer, four drawers.
  • LF-56: one pen drawer, two drawers, one suspension file drawer (with one insert tray of two times A4/folio).
  • LF-57: one pen drawer, two suspension file drawers (with one insert tray of two times A4/folio).


  • Central closure including pull-out lock
  • Counterweight
  • Double pull-out guides for heavy load suspension file drawer(s)
  • Drawer divider set: six straight drawer dividers or six slanted drawer dividers


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