Project Design from A to Z

Create inspiring and pleasant work environments. That is what Nomique is all about. Match the furniture in such a way that an effective layout and pleasant atmosphere are combined.

From office space to healthcare institutions, depending on the labour sector, every company benefits from a different layout of a space. We give advice from years of experience to achieve an optimal design.

Project design from A to Z

We start the project design process by discussing it with you. What are the work goals and vision for your organization and how can we achieve these? Do you want to save costs and space, or do you want to implement a completely new working method?

We make an inventory of all wishes and ideas about the desired working method, appearance and atmosphere and provide expert advice on the possibilities. Our interior architects translate your wishes into an appropriate design. We work closely with you throughout the entire process, from advice to production. All furniture is made in our own factories in the Netherlands. This way we can fully tailor the interior to your preferences.

From offices to educational institutions and hospitals

Nomique provides the optimal design for your office, educational institution or healthcare institution. Each industry has different ideals and work goal aims. The work culture and the tasks to be performed determine what an establishment requires. We have extensive experience with project design in healthcare. Within healthcare institutions, it is not only important to create a pleasant working environment for employees, but above all patients and visitors must feel comfortable. The interior should radiate a pleasant atmosphere and at the same time be well thought out in terms of hygiene and safety.

With project design in education you want to achieve an inspiring and productive learning environment. A pleasant learning environment on the one hand, but a relaxed meeting place on the other. Nomique knows how to achieve the right balance.

We offer solutions for various industries, with an extensive range in which variation in color and materials is possible. View some completed projects on our projects page.

Sustainable project design

Sustainability, design, production and furnishing is always central. In all parts of the production chain, we work according to the principles of the circular economy; we reuse raw materials as much as possible and we use energy and transport as little as possible. All our products are made in our own factories in the Netherlands.

This means that we have full control of the entire production circle and can meet specific customer requirements. We make products from recycled materials to give furniture a second chance, choose wood where possible and have many other sustainable solutions.

We are happy to work with you and create the desired project design for your company. Our aim is to create a healthy and pleasant working environment for both your employees and visitors or customers. Please contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.

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