Promote health, concentration and productivity with dynamic working

If prolonged sitting is the rule rather than the exception, solutions should be sought to break this behaviour. An increase in sedentary behaviour poses health risks, both physically and mentally. Every kind of exercise during the day contributes to our health, concentration and productivity. Dynamics in the workplace are therefore important.

Dynamic working: a definition

Dynamic, i.e. moving, means nothing more or less than alternating postures during work. A day of work in the same static posture means a strong physical strain on the body. The focus is on the substantial reduction of sedentary behaviour. Prolonged sitting ignores the natural urge of movement of the human body. Working according to dynamic guidelines creates opportunities to give in to such body signals.

Move your muscles

It is now clear that prolonged sitting is unhealthy. Due to this physical inactivity of the body, fats are not burned, which increases the risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Many sports outside working hours do not take away these risks. The problem needs to be addressed in the workplace itself.

Dynamics in the workplace stimulate movement of the muscles. This ensures a good metabolism and better blood flow to the body. Workers become more productive, creative and less likely to tire, as sugars are also better absorbed into the blood. Enough exercise prevents wear and tear in joints, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of obesity.

Dynamics in the workplace

Because of the health benefits, it is advisable to exercise every hour for about 15 minutes. But how can you, as an employer, work with employees to ensure this, without causing a loss of productivity.  Standing up is a solution. Other muscles are used and the tension in back, neck and shoulders decreases. Meetings are an excellent opportunity to get more moving.

Height adjustable sit-stand desks also invite dynamic working. What’s in a name, because such dynamic desks, should also be used dynamically. Standing for a long time on a working day is stressful for the lower back and complaints to hip, feet and knees are no exception. The meaning of dynamic furniture is therefore also: adopt healthy working postures by regularly changing postures. Dynamic working is about the right distribution between sitting and standing at work. The motto is: do not sit for more than an hour in a row or stand.

Investing in dynamic sit-stand desks will pay off both physically and mentally. More exercise at work not only reduces health problems, but makes people proven more productive. Nomique offers a wide range of sit-stand desks, with which more dynamics can be created in the workplace.

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