What is the importance of a relaxation room in the office?

More and more employers know that a pause is beneficial for labour productivity. That’s why the office pays more attention to fuelling creativity with relaxation. The challenge is to let concentration and relaxation come together. A good relaxation place in the office is easy to create with beautiful lounge furniture.

Possibility of relaxation

Creating a space in the office where employees can relax is a good move. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Good lounge furniture in combination with some plants already create a homely feeling. Our Moi lounge furniture lends itself perfectly to a relaxation area. The Moi lounge elements offer a range of possibilities, such as a sitting room with planters.

Inspiring meeting places

Lounge rooms bring people into contact with each other. More and more often seen in offices or schools: train banks, also called units. Combine them with other Nomique furniture and vary in height and width for a playful look. Corner elements and dual coupé benches are available. Relaxed brainstorming sessions will start here by themselves.

Comfortable waiting areas

Do you have regular appointments with customers? A comfortable and expressive waiting area with, for example, the special Sedia chair is ideal for reception. Visitors wait in comfort and you leave a good and nurturing impression. A beautifully decorated and dressed entrance is immediately the calling card of your company.

Modular sizing

The units and Moi lounge furniture are functional and versatile. Due to the modular structure, various setups can be created. Pairing and combining is in fact endless with the independently addable parts. Easy for delivery, for construction and for creating any desired setup. In addition, Moi’s 1-seater, 2-seater or 3-seater sofas are characterized by easy extension with loose backs, armrests and privacy walls.

The lounge furniture from Nomique are very suitable for customized projects in your office space. Your rooms are optimally utilised and provided with attractive furniture. At Nomique we are ready with advice on the possibilities.

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