How do I choose a suitable chair for every office space?

Chairs are essential in an office space. They determine the image of the company as a whole. This must be taken into account when designing workspaces. However, the possibilities of office chairs are endless. Does the chair have to be the eye-catcher of the office or does a more modest design suit the interior better? Are wheels under the seat a requirement and do armrests benefit? A lot is also possible with the use of colour. The following points provide guidance when purchasing chairs for your office.

Different chairs for different spaces

The function of the workspace is central to choosing the right chairs. Each of the spaces of the working environment benefits from a certain type of chair. Working at a desk means sitting for a long time. Seating comfort is then important. Correct height adjustment and a chair with armrests ensures a relaxed posture.

Compact, solid chairs are sufficient in classrooms. Comfort is also a priority for meeting and conference rooms. The Pepi Cantilever conference chairs are ideal for consultation.

Entirely in accordance with ‘The New Way of Working’, lounge areas within office complexes can be furnished with train benches. Elements units from Nomique can be connected together so that a good setup can be created for any room.

Frames, back and armrests and wheels

It is then necessary to determine the external characteristics. There are many options in office chair bases: cross-feet, 4-legged bases and cantilever frames, as well as wire frames and tubular frames.

Ensure variety by using different base options even in the same chair range, for example our Moka chair has a wide range of bases available. Armrests can also be specified, and with the Colletta chair it is possible to choose a high or low backrest, depending on your preference.

Wood, leather or PET bottle

The use of material influences the appearance of the chair and the entire interior. Leather gives a luxurious look, while wood has a more natural and robust appearance. The choice between clear lacquer, colour lacquer or colour stain finish also determines the character of the seats within the interior. Different materials such as wood and metal are also excellent to combine, look at the Cosmo Moood. Does your organization stand for sustainability? The versatile Moka Felt chair is made from recycled PET bottles. The choice of material also determines the comfort level. Upholstered seats and backrests are more suitable than wooden chairs when sitting for long periods.

Create the right atmosphere with colour

When the function is clear and material choice has been made, we will look at the colour choice. Nomique chairs can be perfectly adapted to the style of your organization. The frame, the seats and backrests of different chair collections are available in different colours. From business and luxury appearance to creating a homely or playful style, colour can be the deciding factor.

Choosing chairs

Nomique is happy to support you in choosing the right chairs for your working environment. For advice on chairs that meet your requirements in terms of function and appearance, please feel free to contact us.

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