Sustainable Solutions by Nomique

At Nomique we focus on creating quality furniture pieces for offices and individual projects in the most sustainable way possible. Sustainable Solutions by Nomique showcases the innovative methods and strategies we employ to achieve our sustainability goals. All our products are 100% made in our own facilities in the UK and the Netherlands.

We care for our planet

Our products and operations comply with both the UK and European Health and Safety and environmental regulations. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Through sourcing materials from sustainable points of supply and manufacturing the products close to the market, Nomique meets Western European regulations and laws concerning social responsibility.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy is one of the most important pillars when it comes to reusing products and raw materials. Before recycling, choose to reuse. Redesigning products to decrease waste is often necessary. If it’s impossible to reuse the products individually, we will see whether the parts can be recycled or reused. Our Group’s Social & sustainable development report 2021/2022 describes our objectives and achievements to date in becoming a 100% socially responsible and sustainable business.

Research Lab

Our company aims to reuse all food waste and extract new raw materials from waste. Together with other businesses, educational institutions, and governments, we research options to reuse materials and create new products & services in a circular direction. The raw materials may be used to produce new furniture. We collaborate with the Circular Centre, located in one of our sister companies in the Netherlands.

Our Raw materials


Our goal is to become a fully sustainable furniture manufacturer and produce only circular furniture. Creating 100% biological chairs aligns with our values and vision. We were able to put our idea into practice by employing organic hemp and Plantics bioresins, and that’s how our beautiful Hemp Fine and Hemp High collections came into existence.


Compared to other materials, wood is relatively easy to repair and maintain; wood is also 100% recyclable, so it can be given a second life, and once it reaches the end of life, it can constitute a source of clean fuel to meet sustainable energy demand.


We only employ recycled plastics to create our sustainable furniture pieces. We use recycled PP to produce end caps, recycled PET for the Plastic Whale collection, and a variety of recycled plastics to create beautiful seating products. We have a very clear and transparent way of turning waste into value. The PET bottles collected from canals are carefully washed and shredded, creating PET foam and PET felt. We use this PET foam to make all sorts of beautiful furniture products.


We place great emphasis both on quality and the environmental impact of the materials. Since sustainability plays an essential role in our selection process, we strive to use fabrics that are either OEKO-TEX certified and/or hold the European Ecolabel. This is how we ensure that our end products meet the highest environmental standards.


Alloy steels consist of different proportions of iron and carbon. The issue with steel production is that it’s an energy-intensive process. Just like wood, steel is 100% recyclable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to make decisions that balance our interests as a corporation with those of the companies and individuals involved in the process. Nomique implements a corporate social responsibility policy that promotes economic, environmental, and social initiatives in our connections with stakeholders and operations.

a fair furniture company

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