Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We put corporate social responsibility to the core of our operations as we value our planet and community more than anything else.

We always put our customers’ needs first because we want to share our knowledge with the public and make a difference.

Even if some organisations find the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainability synonymous, we at Nomique set CSR apart and define it as a self-regulating business model based on ethically oriented practises for our planet, community and economy. We strive to make decisions that balance our interests as a corporation with those of the companies and individuals involved in the process.

Nomique implements a corporate social responsibility policy that promotes economic, environmental, and social initiatives in our connections with stakeholders and operations.

Nomique team

Our workforce is our most valuable asset. Our teams’ passion, ambition, and motivation are behind the company’s success and growth.

We find respecting the highest values and standards of utter importance. We count on this idea to guide our steps in the way we behave towards our employees and the public. For our employees to adhere to the company’s values and put efforts into supporting its growth, we’re aware that we must provide a stimulating workplace. We offer workplace training and growth opportunities and invest in our team’s wellbeing and health.

We're proud of our Food Bank

We are now part of the Fair Furniture Group and with that, joining their journey to integrate environmental and social initiatives into our operation. Our colleagues in the Netherlands already have a GreenField project, an ecological vegetable garden that aims to support a local Food Bank. The GreenField volunteers use eco-friendly methods to care for the garden and harvest the crops. In the UK, we are helping to educate children through donating our sustainable furniture to museums to show how sustainable and circular manufacturing can create fantastic every day products.

We care for our planet

We manufacture our products in our own factories in the UK and The Netherlands using sustainable supplies. Our products and operations comply with both the UK and European Health and Safety and environmental regulations. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Through sourcing materials from sustainable points of supply and manufacturing the products close to the market, Nomique meets Western European regulations and laws concerning social responsibility.

Conscientious operations

Nomique collaborates only with ethical organisations that respect Human Rights, employ principled practises, and comply with sustainability regulations and laws. We supply all our materials from local sources and ensure that our partners are as ecological and socially responsible as we are. We collaborate with suppliers from the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Scandinavia to control the supplies cycle.

Nomique regards its workforce highly

At Nomique we value corporate continuity and ethical practises more than personal financial gain, ensuring that all our processes support healthy business growth. Our team is highly appreciated, and we strive to foster a positive working environment.

Nomique’s goal is to remain a practical and socially responsible brand that generates profit and revenue through ethical and fair practises.

a fair furniture company

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