Furniture as a service


With Furniture as a Service, the client pays for using the item instead of buying it.

As the circular economy took the front stage, new business models were required. Furniture as a Service (FaaS) comes to fulfil this demand. The principle behind the service is simple, the furniture manufacturer or supplier remains the owner of the items, and the client pays a fee for using the product.

What does the return process imply?

We guarantee that we retrieve the furniture after the established contractual period if the client no longer needs it. The average period for a FaaS project is 5 or 10 years.

The user can choose to purchase the furniture at the end of the pre-established period. But if they don’t, we take it back.

During the contractual period, Nomique provides maintenance work for the furniture it loans and upgrades the items to preserve them for further use.

Circular design

If you, as a manufacturer, retain ownership of your furniture, it pays to design it in the most circular way possible. We’re familiar with the circular design, and even if the clients decide to return the items, we can easily adapt them to the following user’s needs.

We can replace some components, change the size, or paint them another colour.

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