New products from recycled components for your business.

At Nomique, we provide innovative furniture for businesses. We believe in a healthier workplace for tomorrow and that it has become a necessity to design meticulous and thoughtful services to create a workspace especially for you. We put clients’ desires first, so we produce a vast range of options, meaning we can provide you with a safe and complete solution to achieve an intelligent workspace.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy is one of the most important pillars when it comes to reusing products and raw materials. Before recycling, choose to reuse. Redesigning products to decrease waste is often necessary. If it’s impossible to reuse the products individually, we will see whether the parts can be recycled or reused.

More about recycling components


Products that can’t be redistributed are disassembled. We make sure to separate the components and recycle the raw materials, turning these recycled materials into new goods. Let’s take the example of Felt. Just as the plastic parts used for a desk’s upper support, the chairs are made from recycled plastic. The good thing is that the seat can also be totally recycled, turning it into a circular chair.


Wybelt – another excellent example a stool. It is made mainly of recycled plastic, but we can also make varieties with, for example, grass and paper. Among other things, we use shampoo bottles and empty bin bags to produce these beautiful stools. The plastic waste is transformed into tiny pieces to fit into the mould. A rotating casting process makes the Wybelt contours visible.

Seating, tables, desking, storage – a workspace designed around you.

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