Recycling of PET

Nomique recycles internal and external waste.

Sustainable Solutions by Nomique

Nomique makes efforts to become a waste-free company. We developed the series Sustainable Solutions by Nomique to share with the public how we integrate sustainability into our processes.
We source materials from local suppliers, use sustainable resources, and employ first-rate working conditions in our factories. Besides processing our waste, we also help third parties to reduce their waste by coming up with smart solutions.
Check this video to find out how we transform PET bottles into furniture!

We recycle and reuse plastic

The plastic pollution problem is widely known, and both individuals and organisations have the duty to tackle it before it causes further damage. In order to reuse PET bottles from the canal, ocean or landfill, they must first be separated by colour. Once plastic bottles are properly sorted, they’re cleaned, shredded, and made into flakes ready to be reused.
To make new products, we process plastic flakes into fibres (to obtain PET felt mats) and granulate (to produce foam plates).

PET felt is a great product basis

The manufacturing process involves using large rolls of felt to cut smaller pieces that are later heated and pressed to obtain surfaces of varying sizes and shapes. We use no additives or glue to refine felt as we want to maintain the process as eco-friendly as possible. Nomique uses a water jet to obtain a suitable profile and pattern for the desired products.

PET felt is an eco-friendly material as it can be further reused after its first handling, so it causes zero waste.

A sustainable furniture collection

We are proud of our Felt and Moka Felt collections made from recycled PET bottles!

And these are not the only products that feature sustainable raw materials; the Barnacle Side Tables, Barnacle lamps, Whale Panels, Whale Tail Chair, and Whale Bedroom Table also contain renewable fabrics.

Nomique doesn’t intend to stop its efforts here; we continuously search for new solutions to manufacture eco-friendly furniture from recycled materials.

a fair furniture company

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