Recycling of textile

It’s about time we address the textile waste problem!
Textile waste is a growing major component of our world’s landfills. But we’re committed to changing that!

Sustainable Solutions by Nomique

At Nomique, we strongly aspire to be a waste-free factory with innovation and sustainability in mind. Our “Sustainable Solutions by Nomique” series proves that!

Our primary goal is to make sure that nothing ends up in the trash bin, which is why we carefully use our resources and transform waste into value. This principle is what runs our upholstery department, ensuring that all our furniture pieces are upholstered in a way that screams “Efficiency!”. We use a CNC cutting machine to calculate the most optimal way of cutting that significantly reduces waste. And we don’t stop here! We collect residual material, process it, and give it value by using it as a filling for our high-end acoustic walls.

Nothing gets thrown away

At Nomique, we like to picture a world in which nothing gets thrown away. And we work hard and efficiently for that!

We use a special CNC cutting machine that uses innovative solutions to ensure that cutting fabric is an efficient practice in our factory. The cutting machine unwinds the fabric to the correct length and creates a vacuum, ensuring that materials can’t shift as they are cut. We then carefully calculate the optimal way of cutting the fabric, aiming to lead to as little residual material as possible.

We know that zero-waste manufacturing is impossible, but we never throw residual material away. Instead, we collect and recycle it and use it in various sustainable applications, including, but not limited to, our products.

From waste to value

At Nomique, we don’t see residual materials as waste. Instead, we see it as a new valuable opportunity.

We carefully looked for sustainable ways to give residual materials a new life, and finally, we came up with a brilliant idea: turn it into acoustic cushioning material for new products.

The remaining textile waste is cut into pieces and unravelled until we obtain fibres only, which we then process into a type of felt. The felt goes through a process of heat exposure, and it is pressed into mats. We call these mats “Re-felt” and give them a new life as acoustic cushioning material for new products like our sustainable InBetween Acoustic Screens.

Re-felt: sustainable acoustic screen-filling

Our Re-felt mats have been designed with sustainability in mind. However, we made sure to not compromise on quality, ensuring excellent sound-absorbing rates. Our detailed acoustic report can prove it.

At Nomique, we like to create products that benefit the environment and are better than conventional and less sustainable solutions. That is why we see residual material as new product opportunities!

Do old Re-felt mats get thrown away? Not a chance! We turn those into new ones as well. Nothing is ever thrown away at Nomique!

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