Research Lab

The Research Lab is part of the Fair Furniture Group.

Being part of the Fair Furniture Group, we have access to many of the research projects involving reusing waste to extract new raw material from it. Together with other businesses, educational institutions and governments, the centralised research lab discovers options to reuse materials and create new products & services in a circular direction. These raw materials may end up being used to produce new furniture. The Research Lab collaborates with all of the sister companies in the Group across the Netherlands and UK.


Our goal is to research and develop circular initiatives further – it’s the key component of the Fair Furniture Group. We put clients’ needs first, so that’s why we are looking at the main flow of raw materials in our factories. Several chains have been shut already, like turning our steel waste into new products for the Plastic Whale by Vepa Collection.

Nomique is a respectable and well-defined sustainable business, socially accountable to the planet, the community, and the economy.


We aim to change the client’s perspective towards circular furnishing.

Interior designs can be made of existing furniture, not new items only. Reused furniture is often better-looking after small adjustments.

We offer intelligent, relevant and unique advice for every brand.

Implementation Phase

We develop projects based on the circular business model from within our Circular Centre.

We test new designs for reused furniture, replacing missing or broken pieces. Each project is carefully assessed so that we exclude the possibility of coming back for further repairs.

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