Wood Recycling

To reduce the amount of wood wasted, Nomique aims to provide circular solutions by using our own residual materials in the manufacturing of new products.

How Is Residual Material Reused?

At Nomique, we are committed to reducing the surplus of wood that remains after sawing sheets. Thanks to the latest technologies involving optimisation programmes for precise software development, the volume of residual material is significantly reduced.
However, because the leftover material cannot be eliminated entirely, Nomique’s mission is to reuse the residual strips as much as possible. We separate larger pieces from smaller ones to use them to their fullest potential. When there is a lot of residual material left, it is reused and shaped into new items, giving it a new life through innovative objects.
As for the wood waste that cannot be included in the manufacturing of new products – this is shredded into sawdust. Because our goal is to reduce waste, sawdust can be effectively used for chipboards or even to produce green energy.

Sustainable Solutions By Nomique

Nomique is devoted to environmental causes, so our goal is to become a waste-free business. For this reason, we are always looking for innovative sustainable solutions to be one step closer to achieving our long-term goals.
Sustainability sits at the company’s core and has become part of the culture. From brainstorming innovative ideas to putting theory to practice, Nomique aims to be an environmentally-friendly business.
So, what are some of the sustainable solutions already in place at Nomique?
Applying sustainable alternatives to eliminate any resources that can harm the environment.

  • Our manufacturing processes adhere to ethical working conditions.
  • Committed to collaborating only with local suppliers to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and maximise delivery times and quality of products.
  • Constantly thinking of new and innovative sustainable solutions to implement.
    The aforementioned current sustainable solutions represent the company’s way of becoming waste-free and reducing its impact on the environment as much as possible. Looking forward, it is important to keep researching sustainable alternatives and methods to reduce waste.

Wood Waste Turned into Sheet Material

What happens to the wood waste left from manufacturing various items?
All the wood pieces in excess are collected and placed in a bin, which are then entirely shredded. The resulting sawdust can be effectively used to create chipboards.
One of the company’s goals includes producing new sheet material from the sawdust created from shredded leftover wood pieces. As soon as it is confirmed after various trials, such innovation will represent an effective sustainable solution for many companies’ residual materials, not just at Nomique.

Residual Materials Used for Creating Various Products

Since our products contain residual materials, this makes them one-of-a-kind, and each of them has a different story to tell. Nomique’s items, such as unit benches or poufs, are designed and produced sustainably, given that their structure is made of leftover wood materials.

Wood waste can be used in the production and manufacturing of all our products, regardless of the colour of the residual material available. Because many Nomique products are upholstered in various high-quality materials, the colour of their structure is not visible. This ensures that all residual material can be used, reducing wood waste considerably.

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