Zooi is a sister company and part of the Fair Furniture Group. It is a well-established brand, formed in the Netherlands with one goal: to convert various waste material into stunning minimalist and practical home accessories. This enables the brand to reduce waste and cut its negative impact on the environment.

Circular Business Model and Products

Awareness is vital, but what you do with it and the knowledge gained can be a game-changer. Not only is Zooi aware of the impact businesses can have on the environment, but this brand is committed to becoming entirely sustainable. Utilising a circular business model based on circular economy processes that promote extended product life cycles and reduce waste as much as possible, Zooi has started with a small yet significant step: manufacturing products from waste and residual materials.

Unique products

Zooi items are unique, with every one of them having a distinctive story behind it, given they all come from waste. Zooi’s sustainable home accessories for interior design products can be accessed through their online shop at . The exclusive nature and sustainable production of Zooi home accessories for interior design make this brand stand out.


From waste to a design accessorie

Using waste and residual materials to produce interior design accessories is an eco-friendly practice for a home accessory brand. At the same time, this approach supports and promotes creativity. Looking at some of Zooi’s interior design accessories, there is no denying their timeless quality. The Guus shelf is an item designed and produced using the unused surplus of sheet steel pieces. Other examples include candlestick holder Theo, vase Maud, and candlestick holder Wim, which are all made from the leftover tube material used to manufacture tables or chairs.


Zooi produces beautiful and sustainable interior design home accessories from waste and residual materials. Timeless and eco-friendly are at the foundation of the brand’s identity.

a fair furniture company

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