Train benches: an addition to your office design

In the office we see it more and more often: train benches. Previously limited to company canteen, nowadays also used as a workplace in many offices. In many respects, the train bench or unit is rightfully complementary to your office design. In addition to office and project design, Nomique supplies train benches that are used for many applications.

The New Working

Due to changes in the way of working, there is a need for different types of office furniture. Dynamics on the shop floor are what it’s all about and multifunctional furniture contributes to its improvement. Train banks are a perfect example of this. They are suitable for both active and passive activities and entirely according to the principle of flexible and task related work.

Versatile seating element

Train benches can serve as a regular workplace. The shallow seat and straight backrest provide an active sitting position so that a laptop can be easily worked. Train benches or units can also be used for a moment of relaxation in a place other than the desk or for consultations in equipped spaces. Units are also very good in the company restaurant; they are a nice place to have lunch.

Various setups and dimensions

Due to their modular dimensions, many setups are possible. All the different elements are easy to link. Height, depth and widths can be chosen depending on your available space. Some corner benches, with or without the back wall, double back-coupled coupé benches and corner benches are part of our range. The back can be upholstered for better acoustics and a nicer view. This is especially nice when the train bench is placed freely in the room.

Combine with other Nomique furniture

With their sleek and neutral appearance, train benches can be combined with other furniture. Keep the décor calm with the placement of multiple train benches or create a more playful effect by varying in furniture usage. Decide for yourself which colours fit best in your interior.

On our website you will find an overview of devices in which train benches have been used. Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

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