We are Nomique

We are agile

Nomique are here to support and enhance your workplace environment. Our agile collections are designed to cultivate an environment of dynamic flow, flexibility and well being.

The people at Nomique have many years of experience. Some of our people have built Nomique from the very beginning, others have come to us from some of the largest furniture companies in the UK and Europe. The size of our company and knowledgeable workforce means we can react quickly to developments in the industry, technology and beyond.

Our recent inclusion within the VDB group has created countless opportunities and many possibilities for our customers and our future. Our production facilities and expertise has grown incredibly to include the masters of wood, steel and ergonomics, allowing us to offer you even more solutions to fulfill your workplace requirements.

We are here to help

Through research and experience, we understand the challenges faced within the evolving and ever-changing workplace. We are always innovating to provide the best solutions. All our furniture is designed to provide solutions and create environments which empower people to work when, when and how they choose.

We have an experienced team of field representatives across the UK and Ireland, a knowledgeable customer support team and a showroom in Clerkenwell, London; all of which are on hand to answer your queries and provide you with the best possible solutions for your work spaces.

We are local

Nomique HQ is at the heart of the country, based in the countryside town of Telford in Shropshire. If you have a question or need some advice, our doors are always open and we’re here to help.

Building strong, loyal relationships is important to us. We don’t believe in smoke and mirrors, that’s why we go the extra mile to offer honest advice and exclusively support our dealers to build strong relationships.

Everything we do and have achieved over the past 18 years has been powered by our local people. It’s our designers who innovate to bring you the ultimate in workplace solutions, our production team who bring the products to life and our sales & customer facing teams who support you every step of the way – not to mention all those behind the scenes and many more.

We are becoming more sustainable

We are on a mission, one that involves becoming more sustainable. This applies to the stability of our business alongside our production methods and the materials we source for our products.

This goal is driven by the VDB Group, an innovative group of companies whose focus is on the future; in being stable and healthy.

We also like to do our bit to make the planet happier and healthier. We do this by investing in the local community, the well being of our people, and continually innovating to offer sustainable products. That’s why we are proud to have teamed up with unique, knowledgeable partners, creating clever, sustainable office and education furniture that is centred around people.

a fair furniture company

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